You are unique. We want to get to know you. We want to understand your story, your objectives, your value chain. This will allow us to create the most engaging web presence possible for your brand.

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One of our project managers will set you up with a website planner questionnaire that will give us all the information that we need to get started with you.

We will communicate with you via email or telephone so that we can answer gain further insight into your development goals.

What you will gain from step 1 of the web development process:

  • A clear insight as to what kind of a web presence that you need to gain success
  • Any suggestions / tips or insights we can offer to tweak your ideas so you are set up to win.


We will comb through every little detail of our findings and interview data from step 1. Using this information we will draft you up a proposal that is custom to your project. This can take up to a few weeks depending on your the size and scope of your web design project.

What you will gain from step 2 of the web development process:

  • ¬†proposal customized to your unique goals and objects from you website.
  • A detailed understanding of all costs associated with the type and style of website that you seek.


This is the stage that you sign the contract, statement of work and the price sheet.The statement of work will be important to outline the direction we are going with the project as well as the responsibilities that both parties will engage over the next few stages of the project.

What you will gain from step 3 of the web development process:

  • A contractual agreement that will prove the project is underway.
  • A guide to your payment schedule for the project.
  • The statement of work which will outline in detail what is expected from each part.


We will work together in this stage to create or finalize the content that you wish to engage for your website and your brand. This will include text, photos, video, logos, audio, etc.

What you will gain from step 4 of the web development process:

  • You will gain confidence that every detail of your sites content is being created according to your vision.
  • ¬†An even deeper understanding of the road map that will help organize that content into a easily readable and engaging format for your visitors.



This is where the you start to see the design come to life. All of our hard work up to this point has created the vision and map for the creative work. After you have approved our initial conceptions we will use this information to create an attractive website design that will specifically be focused on achieving your online goals for your site. Revisions and collaboration ensure that you are rewarded with the best possible version of your company’s core messages.

What you will gain from step 5 of the web development process:

  • An approved document that will show all of the aspects of your final design
  • A homepage design will be clear at this point
  • A final design for the internal pages of your site. (used for most of inner pages)



Now all the hard work is behind us you will now get to relax and wait to see the finished product as we combine the approved design, content and multimedia that will soon become the main backbone of your online communications. This is the phase in which we have everything we need from you and all you have to do is wait for the slick programming to make your website a technological powerhouse in your industry.

What you will gain from step 6 of the web development process:

  • Time to relax!



This is the first time you get to see your finished website. This is the phase in which you review and test different components of your site to ensure it is what you need. The website is tweaked, tested and reviewed until every last little tweak is perfected so you are 100% satisfied.

What you will gain from step 7 of the web development process:

  • A website that functions, although it is not live on the web yet.
  • The excitement knowing your are about to go live soon!



After we receive the final payment, your new website is now ready to be launched!

What you will gain from step 8 of the web development process:

  • A professional, attractive website live on the web
  • Details on how to access your website’s statistics account


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