Are You Using Video?

Below is a video that we created for a Calgary video production company.


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Video an essential medium to communicate these days as it allows your prospects to get to you know at a deeper level than just engaging text on your website.

Audio & visual provides an experience that is almost as good as sitting down in person with your prospect.


The Process

Step 1: Pre-Production

 The most important part of your video is the planning process. During this process we map out your message and try to figure out exactly what you want to communicate.


We define a purpose for your video by asking the following questions:

– Who is your audience?
– What is their problem?
– How are you going to provide a solutions?
– What do you want a potential prospect to do?


Once these questions are answered our creative team will sit down with you and create the content for your video script. As we present ideas, you have the ability to direct us on each revision to ensure we are capturing your core message to it’s fullest extent.


Here are the types of videos we can produce:

– Animation
– Explainer Video
– Sales Video
– How To Video
– Informational Video
– Television Commercial

And many, many more….


The type of video that works for you depends on your target audience and the message you are trying to communicate. Defining this clearly is part of the pre production process and you can utilize our experience to ensure that we pick the right fit for you!


Step 2: Production

The production phase is the time in which the actual video creation takes place.

Depending on the scope of the video and the level of planning needed this can vary in the amount of time to completion.

Sometimes we need to garner permissions to secure locations and to find presenters, actors or interviewees.

The filming days are planned with meticulous attention during the pre production process so that we can gather everything we need to create your video in the time allowed for filming.

This is where the rubber meets the road. This gives us everything we need to work with once we get to the editing room.


Step 3: Post Production

 Once the fliming process is complete and we have gathered other important components of your video such as animations, stock footage and b-roll we edit the first draft based on the originally agreed script.

This is the phase in which voice-overs, titles and engaging graphics are added to your video.

We like to present this 1st draft so that we can take any feedback you have for us into careful consideration when the video moves through the final editing phases.

By the time we create the finished product there should be no surprises and you should be well informed of your final video.


Step 4: Distribution

Once you have given your final approval of your video we will create the final output.

There are many ways we can distribute this video. A few examples include High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD), DVD or streaming on the web.

HD & SD need to be decided on during the pre-production phase so that we can plan for this accordingly in the pre production phase. If DVD is what you are looking for we can design DVD covers, menus and arrange for DVD duplication services. If web is your game we can make sure that your video is optimized properly for the web so that your website visitors have the best experience possible on your website.


Depending on the purpose of your video we will help you distribute accordingly


A few purposes for video:

  • Corporte Identity
  • Product Promotion
  • Instruction / Training
  • Interviews
  • Proposal Enhancement
  • Online
  • Motivation



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