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There are thousands of Social Media Sites, but some of the most popular include: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Digg.

The goal is to constantly build networks and followers through great content. It is important to capture leads through your list and send them back to your blog every so often to gain a relationship with them.

By providing good content, people begin to like you and even follow what you say.



In any market, there are many angles you can take. The problem is that sometimes people don’t really care about getting info about different services provided by a home business, so you could provide content such as humour that has nothing to do with your topic.

A good strategy would be to send out a joke of the week, and then every so often sending out content that has to do with your topic. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are engaging your readers and your brand together.

The point here is to build value to people with your conversation. Think of it like networking at a party.

We use syndication tools to get your content out to 100′s of social media sites at the click of a button. The key with many of these social networks is to build a following.

Building a following is where the work lies. As well, developing great content is what fuels the people in your networks.

This is evident in sites like face book. If you have no friends, no one is seeing your content.

There is a huge future value associated with building these networks as you begin to gain massive amounts of people that trust and like you.

This can be a global medium, in which you have an easy avenue to start selling information products or other products that would bring in autopilot income.

We can also target local markets that could perhaps be interested in your services right away. We will make your brand recognizable.

With that being said, social media is more to do with building a brand rather than gaining instant clients.


Building Your Sales Channel:


The feedback loop is taking 90% of the traffic that are information seekers finding your site and providing enough value so that they buy from you at any time in the future.

This is done by building email lists and sending them to mediums like your blog and social media networks like face book and twitter giving them content that they will find valuable in their everyday lives. Imagine having the ability to contact 100 000 people who know and like you because you have built a relationship with them? That is power. That gives you the ability to monetize them in more ways you can imagine.

Most guru internet marketers manage to make $1 per subscriber month in almost any niche they touch. That can add up to a lot of money!

The interesting thing, is for most businesses who are not taking advantage of the 90% information seeker mentality……..that is lost money, never to be seen again.

You will give content 95% of the time to these people and sell 5% of the time. Over time, you can sell more as people get to know and like you.

This process can actually be on going through the entire building of a website and getting it ranked time period.


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