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Local & Organic Search Engine Optimization:
Where art meets science.

We are a Calgary Search Engine Optimization Company (Calgary SEO Company) that specializes in building legitimate networks that are designed to create natural authority and trust in the eyes of the Search Engines.

We focus on Local Search Optimization and Organic Search.

Organic search is essentially the results shown of what Google thinks to be the most authoritative sites in any niche.

This Diagram shows Pay Per Click Results in the black Balloon and Free Organic SEO results in the red balloon. See further below to understand local search engine optimization.


The organic results are where we want to be. This can be done by engaging in Search Engine Optimization activities.

Having a solid SEO presence fits one piece of our two part traffic/conversion puzzle. By generating traffic, we now have a chance to convert that traffic when they hit your website. As stated above, that traffic will naturally be 90% information seekers and 10% buyers. No matter how good your SEO skills are, you can’t convert these people if your website is bad.

Here are your SEO goals

 a) Maximize Conversions - Essentially the only way to maximize conversions is to test and tweak you campaign so you get the most targeted traffic possible. This should be an on-going process no matter which traffic source you engage on the internet. There are many ways to accomplish this
b) Generate Traffic - Your SEO strategy is one piece of this strategy. Google loves content. All search engines do. The more contextual backlinks you have the better. The higher the PR (more Google sees the site as important) from the sites that link to you the better. Having this in place is key for your site to be seen as the #1 authority site in the Search Engines.


This is where internet marketing turns into an art. It is very key to have a variety of ‘natural looking’ links within these supporting mini sites to make sure that Google doesn’t associate your site with bad neighborhoods.

Essentially, we get tonnes and tonnes of different types of links on a plethora of different IP addresses from sites that have authority themselves.

Here are the types of links and how we go about getting them to ensure the safety of your site…….

Types Of Links

Forum postings done by hand – Forum posts are made by humans on related web forums where links can be placed in the body of the message or the signature.

Blog comments done by hand – Blog comments posted on other people’s blogs where links can be placed in the comments directly, or the signature.

Directory submissions done by hand – We have our own select list of 100’s of directories that are free to post to, and have resulted in influencing search engine rankings.

Yahoo Answers – Questions and answers are posted here, by hand. These allow links to the site through a resource section. For each answer we post, we also obtain a “vote” for it to be the best answer.

Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking using sites like Stumble and Delicious. We get other people to bookmark your site resulting in links.

Article Marketing – Articles written and submitted using our proprietary tool and process resulting in many backlinks with no duplicate content penalty.

High PR link – Direct text link from a page that is page rank 4 or higher.

Why we out-perform the competition with our SEO practices

We are constantly buying high PR (page rank) domains. We essentially build an entire empire of content around your site with your content to build value and authority as an expert content authority in your market.

It takes some time to really start seeing results, but once the results start to manifest, you start building long term sales channels. This solves the traffic part of the equation.



Conversion testing consists of changing your website until we achieve a desired conversion rate. This can be an endless process for some companies.


Local Search – Known as Google Places This is completely different from all SEO theories above.

There are about 65 agreed upon ranking factors in local search. Going through them all is beyond the scope of this article.

The things we focus on most importantly; is to make sure your place page is optimized correctly with video, photos and proper keywords. This is a one time job.

Like Organic SEO once we are done on page we move to off page.

Two focuses for off page optimization for Google Places include: (there are many more we look at)

a) Reviews - Client reviews all over the net show that your listing is active

b) Citations – This is essentially getting your name and address out to as many good places around the net as possible. We have a large database of sites we use to get ongoing citations for your Google Places account. Think of a citation as the Google places version of a backlink.

Google has just changed its algorithm to include BOTH local search and regular organic SEO in its rankings for terms dubbed to have local intent.

It is important to have a strategy for both to ensure that you rank well for your terms.


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