Sound – Your Brand’s Emotional Connection

Sound is how perhaps the most important thing in regards to any production. The quality of your audio is what will capture your audience and will be the most important factor in creating a connection with your listeners. This is true for a video production or a score that is to be recorded for a band or a movie.

Our sound engineers take alot of pride in creating the best sound experience so that your creative work shines to it’s highest standards.


 Our Recording Process

The key to any good production is sound. Without that perfect mix no video or song will sound right. Our professional sound engineers will tweak every decibel to make sure that your sound represents exactly what you are trying to encompass with you work. We have a very simple process to record your sounds. It does not matter whether you are a musician or if you need sound done for a video production….Quality matters!

The key to any good production is sound. Without that perfect mix no video or song will sound right. Our professional sound engineers will tweak every decibel to make sure that your sound represents exactly what you are trying to encompass with your work.


Pre Production

This is the time frame in which all initial decisions are contemplated before we actually hit the studio.

Here are some questions that we like to ask before hitting the studio:

– What Style of music is it that you will be recording?
– What instruments will you be using?
– Who will be playing these instruments?
– What sounds do you want to incorporate?
– What is your budget?
– How are you raising money for your budget?
– Where will you record / mix / master the recording?
– How many songs do you wish to record?
– Who is writing these songs? OR are they written already?
– Will you hire musicians to play on the recording?
– Will you do everything yourself?
– What is the time frame you have allocated for the recording?

Selecting Your Sound Source

This is a fairly important part of the recording process but does not have to be formal. It is important to understand that everything that happens from now on will by influenced by the sound source you choose.

These selections can range from the brand and model of instruments chosen, quality of samples, caliber of the synths and other virtual instruments you choose. Vocals are an extremely important sound source. The quality of your sound source will lay the framework for the rest of the recording process.

Selection Of Performers.

It is important to pick the best people for the job as the talent and performance calibre will determine the quality of your production. Great sound played by emotion inspired performers can have a resounding effect on any listener. Quality of musicianship will obviously be one of your best assets to produce framework to create the best recording possible.


Some songs are written in the recording studio, but it is advised to come to the recording studio well rehearsed and with direction. That way you can use your recording dollars as efficiently as possible



 This is where the rubber meets the road. Having an experienced and a knowledgeable engineer will be a great asset to your performance.

Sound is recording through a DI (direct injection), a microphone or a combination of the two. Pre recorded sounds from samples, soft synths or virtual instruments can produce sounds as well.

It is essential to use quality microphones and DI boxes so you can have the best results. The ‘sound’ of the room in which you record is chosen carefully along with things like mic placements, length and quality of microphone cables combined the skill of the recording engineers in capturing the sounds of the sound sources and performers will be essential to create the perfect blend of musical skill and recording skill.


Post Production


Once each individual track is captured we have the ability to mix and match volumes and add effects to tweak your sound exactly how you want it. Some prefer a recording to be exactly as it was captured for a natural sound others prefer heavy editing to encapsulate what they are trying to accomplish.

We can piece together lead vocal takes, create powerful guitar solos, tuning of voices and intruments, drum timings, time stretching, adjusting early or late takes, cut and paste background focals to other parts of the song or replace a word sung in the wrong place. Editing the song properly allows to focus on mixing separately.


This is the stage where we take all of the existing sounds that have been recorded and apply processing in order to achieve a finished sound.

This includes adjusting volume levels, panning, compression, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flange, gating and many other effects.

Any problems with the mix should be taken care of at this stage before the final mastering stage. Once mastering stage commences all tracks should be blended down to 2 tracks as a stereo mix.


This is the final tweak for the blended song you have created. It is the final “tweak” to the mix to create a finished sound ready for replication.

The goal is to create punch, depth, clarity, heft or sheen than the mix alone. The process generally consists of high quality compression, equalization and the occasional multi  band processing. Stereo enhancement, volume maximizing and noise removal can also be a very important part of the process. Everything applied in this stage will affect the entire mix, not just individual tracks.

Things like chorus, delay, flange & phaser are not applied at this stage. They are only applied in the mixing stage to individual tracks.

If you are recording an album other important considerations include the space between songs, ordering of the songs and inserting things like meta data that will communicate important information about the author and song.

The quality of mix will be the main driving force in the quality of the master.

In conclusion, the more attention you pay in the early phases the more likely you will have a finished product you can be proud of. We take pride in the attention to the small things to ensure your sounds are captured to the utmost of quality.



Example Song


Friends (live off the floor)


This song was written and performed by Paul Gettis (yours truly). This is a live off the floor version of this song so there is very little editing. This is the live sound. I prefer music to be real and not filtered down by electronics / effects and other artificial means of enhancement.

Although, there are many time where editing is essential to capture the perfect essence of what your expression.


After all, audio is the most important aspect to any production as it communicates emotion….the most important element of human communication if you want to capture your audience.



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