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Mobile isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity.

This video will outline the methods used to enhance customer relations through text messaging, mobile promotions, and much more — and how our coaches can help you turn these relationships into sales. We are a Calgary Mobile Marketing Company that takes pride in helping small businesses get found locally and online.


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Did You Know?

There are 6.8 Billion people on the planet. 4 Billion of them use a mobile phone. Only 3.5 Billion of them use a toothbrush.

More people use mobile technology than toothbrushes?

It is a fact that the mobile web is becoming an essential part of daily life in almost every country in the world.

The ease of access to cell phones and other mobile technology is only exploding this trend.


The Mobile Revolution

People are very engaged to their cellphones. 9 out of 10 searches on a mobile device leads to action. Over half of these action takers end up buying something online.

On a desktop cost 15% take some sort of action when surfing different websites on the web. Only about 3% – 5% of these people end up buying something after they take some sort of action such as signing up on your list.

Mobile Devices Are Already Overtaking PC’s As The Most Common Web Access Device Worldwide.

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy?

Your mobile web strategy should be really simple. The first important thing to understand is that by creating a mobile website you are not going just copy your desktop website.

We want something that will load fast and convey your message very quickly so that all people have to do is call you when they are ready engage your services.

Like with any web asset… want your mobile website to have a very clearly defined call to action to that people going to your site find it extremely easy to accomplish that goal.


Check Out Our Mobile Emulator!

We specialize in mobile programming and development. Check out what we can do for you!

Use your browsers back and forward buttons to navigate your way through the different mobile websites on the mobile emulator.





 Mobile Marketing In Calgary

There are a number of ways to target people on their cellphones with your marketing.

By using as many traffic sources as possible we can get eyeballs to our business. The more people that see your business and the more people are engaged by what you have to offer, the more luck you will have online.

Getting Local traffic is not about being found at the top of Google any more. It’s about being found EVERYWHERE!!

Learning how to cater to people on their cellphones will exponentially help your marketing efforts.


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