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Let’s face it………people are visual. Branding is about recognition and we have found in our tests that having a sound graphic representation of your company can mean the difference between people liking and trusting your brand and people not giving you a chance.


Branding is about instilling your important message into your prospects before they spend the time to research you. This is an important concept on the web. People do not spend a lot of time on a web page. You literally have about 5 seconds before they continue engaging your message or they click away for good. This concept holds true for many offline styles of advertising such as direct mail, newspaper ads and television commercials as well.


For Example…Have a look at this logo.


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This logo will tell you alot of information about this company. Imagine how much information a full website will tell you about a company once you combine color schemes, content writing, graphics and multimedia.

Based on only looking at this logo you will have jumped to many sub conscious conclusions about this company. Please review the following questions and make a quick mental note about how you process this brand. These below questions are what almost everyone asks themselves before they decide to pursue your brand further or click away and go to your competitors.


Some Important Questions

 These questions are the first thing people ask themselves when they engage your brand.

1) Is the company credible?
2) Are they trustworthy?
3) Am I in the right place?
4) Is this a professional company?
5) Is this company stable?
6) Do I feel welcome here?


If a new visitor to your website or to your retail store or a viewer of your direct mail flier answers no to any of these questions, there is a good chance they will leave your site or store or marketing asset and never call you again.

That is why it is so important to start with a sound graphic representation of your company so that people feel welcome and comfortable to do business with you.


These are questions you need to ask before defining your brand

1) Who is your target audience?
2) What are their demographics?
3) Do you sell quantity or quality?
4) What particular problems does your target marketing have?
5) How are you going to solve those problems?


These are all questions that are important to understanding when you are defining your branding strategy because the way you decide to build graphics and other assets which will link people to your business will depend on this from here on in.

The Better You Engage A Conversation With Your Target Audience……The Better You Do In Business!

This all starts with the first impression that your visitors get when they visit your place of business. It does not matter if it is in a store or online. Make sure you resonate well with your target audience!


The Graphic Design Process



This is the information phase. We will research your market and analyze the goals and objectives of your communication strategies to deliver an effective graphical representation of your vision.


This is the critical thinking phase. This is where we take that information we garnered in the research phase and put it start to conceptualize it into a tangible expression of your brand.


Articulation of your brand. This is where the rubber meets the road. Concepts come into fruition so that you can see your brand and your image come alive.


This is the Production phase. Our graphical professionals will create  final formast for print production and / or media outputs, online integration or media presentation as needed. This is where your brand assets are produced and then delivered. 


Our Approach

Communication at it’s highest level is key to create strong, long term results for your brand. This process is commenced with an initial discussion about your project that will give us an in-depth look at your story, your approach, your situation and who you are trying to reach.

Once we have a foundational understand of these core objectives we take a look at the larger picture or context involved with what you are trying to accomplish.

Visualizations naturally occur as we engage your ideas. Only the strongest concepts actually start to come alive. Designs are discussed and developed and honed into the final version through an iterative process.

The project is completed with the creation of the final deliverable that you have helped us create!


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